Club History

The Kontakt Program was originally founded in 1969 by USAREUR (U.S. Army Europe) and the Federal Ministry for Youth, Family, Women and Health. It should bring together young people from two nations in friendship. In the wedding, there were more than 50 diverse local Kontakt Clubs throughout Germany.

Kontakt Vilseck was founded in 1979 to promote in Vilseck understanding between the two nations and to facilitate the coexistence in the community. In our community (incl. U.S. Barracks Rose Barracks) in addition to 6,500 German inhabitants almost 10,000 Americans live. Beginning from this reason and it is important to create Great shaft and maintain.

The club has greatly contributed to deepen over 50 years of friendship, the newly stationed as well as the already established American soldiers and their families to provide a platform to know each other, share and create connections.

As of 2005, the garrison command (409th BSB) was dissolved and had to leave the units of the 3rd Brigade, Vilseck to March 2006, our club was put to a severe trial. We had lost a lot of our American members and had almost zero start again.

We chose the club to register on the German side and are now a registered association. In the spring of 2006, the first troops of the 2nd Kavallarieregiments reached our barracks in Vilseck. Thanks to the numerous help local officers of this regiment and of course the very good support by the former regimental headquarters (COL RisCassi, LTC Denny and CSM Martinez) very many new US members have won and can currently proud 170 members (German and American) reported .

We would like to thank all those wonderful people again, without which our club would not work so perfect. Of course we want to thank the commander of our American community Grafenwöhr COL Nils Sorensen is very well supported and as a great supporter of the contact program. For this reason we have COL Sorenson appointed at the festival in 2009 an honorary member.

In 2010, we finally made ​​a German American Volksfest at the Airfield in Vilseck after a long time. We have been in the the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment adopted were sent in use after Afgahnistan. We hope and pray that all the guys well and without prejudice to come back.

For 2014 we have planned a lot again see our calendar here. We are always happy to see new faces participating in our activities.